About Us

Our Story
It was seventeen years ago, that the Sherr family moved from Southern California with the intention of building a small farm and a new home surrounded by Redwoods in the beautiful community of Humboldt. Through trial and tribulation, Reuven Sherr was able to produce consistent cultivations while documenting detailed regiments and standard operating procedures that he happily shared with his fellow farmers.

Years later, Reuven and his family created the Humboldt Brand Cannabis Company working with farms throughout the county to get you finest sun grown product in the state nourished by the soil and diverse ecosystem of the Redwood National Forest in what many would say the most ideal environment in the country for growing cannabis. When it comes time to harvest, manufacture, and distribute, Humboldt Brand takes pride in packaging and producing product alongside the greatest cannabis farmers in the country to give you, the connoisseur, the Premium American Cannabis experience.

The Humboldt Brand Way
We are Californian leaders in the art and science of growing sun grown organic Cannabis of exceptional quality. We are lucky to live in a unique part of America, where Humboldt’s unique territory and micro-climate creates an unmatched environment where the Cannabis plant thrives.  Our multi-generational farmers have decades of experience and practice in cultivating high yield consistent harvests.
Putting community first, daily, we assist and empower the master cultivators of Humboldt County in their mission to sustainably produce the best Cannabis in America. By sharing our best practices in cultivation, compliance, processing, and distribution we help our Humboldt family of farms simply and efficiently, get their products into the hands of the Californian consumer. Managing key aspects of the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution, we offer the services for the small awesome farms of Humboldt County to compete at scale and flourish.

To us, Humboldt County is family.